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Our rock star team delivers financial back office solutions for your business fractionally and remotely. Discover our offerings below which include CFO/Controller level consultative guidance, strategic planning, full-charge bookkeeping, and tax.

Why Financial Foothold?

High level of proficiency

Our team consists of only experienced, degreed accountants whose skills are proven by their vast work experience and advanced certifications.

Successful projects in various areas

We have already helped hundreds of companies in Central Texas to achieve their business goals. We can adapt to the growing needs of our clients concerning forecasting and cash flow analysis, bookkeeping and strategic guidance, sales and franchise tax returns, etc.

Affordable price

We fulfill all your back office needs remotely and fractionally; for less than the cost of a full-time employee. Only pay for what you need using our resources for all your back office needs. Our overhead is low allowing us to set moderate prices.

Guaranteed results

The scope of our work is detailed in your contract we sign with customers. For you it is a guarantee that all business optimization services will be provided duly and timely.

Vast experience

Our team has over 200 combined years of finance and accounting experience

Reliable partners

Established network of professional partnerships with CPA Firms, Law Firms, HR,Insurance, Payroll, Merchant Services, and VC/PE Firms.

Why Financial Foothold?


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